Rahne Sinclair – Wolfsbane


Rahne  Sinclair (pronounced “Rain”) is a human mutant who is a part of the X-Men universe.   Her mutant name is Wolfsbane, although she has had many notable aliases over the years.

Wolfsbane - Rahne Sinclair
Rahne Sinclair – artwork by Ryan Sook



Like many mutants her origins were quite tough.  Born in Scotland, Rahne was seemingly a foundling; an orphan abandoned at the church to be raised raised by an abusive preacher named Reverend Craig.  The reverend as a very harsh caretaker, seeing it as his duty to force his view of religion upon her.  As she grew older, her powers began to manifest spurring the insane Reverend to lead a mob of townsfolk to chase her down in an attempt to burn her as a witch.  Luckily for Rahne she was taken in by the geneticist and mutant expert Dr. Moira MacTaggert.  While, not a mutant herself, MacTaggert is a world renowned expert on the mutant x gene leading her win to a nobel prize for her work and to become a long time associate of Dr. Charles Xavier.  Rahne was lucky to be taken in by such an understanding person.  When she reached adulthood, Rahne confronted the Reverend about her childhood, only to learn that she was in fact, his biological daughter conceived with a prostitute who died during childbirth.


Rahne is mutation has given her the power of Lycanthropy, which is the ability to transform herself at will into a human wolf hybrid or into a full wolf, while retaining chosen aspects of both her humanity and her feral form.  Lycanthropy traditionally in fiction is normally granted through a spell or curse, hers is just an aspect of her mutation.  While in wolf form or in her transitional state she retains her human intelligence but she gains the more lupine aspects of the beast form she takes on.  Lycanthropes sometimes have trouble keeping the more predatory instincts as bay.  Imagine a killing machine, 8 feet tall, with an urge to hunt prey with the decisiveness and cunning of a human being.  In her wolf or hybrid form she has the enhanced senses (hearing, sight, smell) surpassing that of an ordinary wolf, but also has enhanced strength, agility and instincts to accompany her razor sharp fangs and claws.  In her lupine form, her vision is capable of detecting portions of the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum, enabling her to see in the dark and pickup heat signatures.


Rahne Sinclair new mutants xmen universe
Rahne Sinclair – New Mutants vol 2. #10 cover artwork by Chris Bachalo

Since first appearing in the Mutant Graphic Novel #4 – The New Mutants published by Marvel Comics in 1982, Rahne has gone on to be a part of many of the famous teams associated with the X-men in various Marvel Comics.  Not only was she an important part of the New Mutants, she was later part of X-Factor, X-Factor Investigations, Paragons, associated with Excalibur (British Mutants), Hellions, taught briefly at the Xavier Institute leaving to join X-Force.

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